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WORLDROBED is a project that promotes the creation and connection of networks for interdisciplinary collaboration through 3 axes of action. 



These connections are made from 3 axes of action:

The SOCIAL axis through establishing a network of collaboration between individuals for the exchange of ideas and questions with a common goal.

tThe EDUCATIONAL  axis through a series of pedagogical strategies: teaching, training workshops, master classes, collaborative work with teachers and schools to exercise and permeate education at different levels.

The ARTISTIC through generating proposals and scenic events that integrate the community, by now WORLDROBED has 5 proposals some for Theater, site specific and alternative spaces : Regla de tr3s , Corpo Gourmet, Corpo Publico, Organisms and Unexpected happening   



The proposal is to generate meetings with artists from different locations around the world and make residences where the involved artists experience the creation and construction of a scenic event simultaneously to a sociological community experience, where each individual shares their visions from their culture, education and personal vision of the world.



WORLDROBED had the first 3 residencies in Colombia, Brazil & Panama with the artist and arquitect Cibele Maia (Brazil) with whom the project was originally conceived; and has continued in its WORLDriven with other artists in Prague and Japan:


WDB 1 - Bogota-Colombia /jun 2017, giving Continuum workshops, with improvisations at the Odeon Theater, the Guadua Bridge, the house of the Architect Simon Velez; and the creation of the work Regla de tr3s and a presentation in the Futileria (Cortocinesis House).

WDB 2 -Belo Horizonte-Brazil / sep 2017  with a Continuum workshop, the re-creation of Corpo Gourmet with the company Camaleão and Chef Agnes Farkasvölgyi at the architectural event CASA COR, and the presentation of Corpo Publico at the Sete Lagoas Virada Cultural.

WDB 3 - Panama-Panama / oct 2017, within the framework of Prisma International Dance Festival, with the presentation of  Regla de tr3s, a choreography workshop for the creation and presentation of the show Organisms in the Biomuseo built by Frank Gehry, and the improvisation Corpo Publico in the city Metro;


WDB 4 - Prague-Czech Republic / oct 2017, with Continuum workshops, and the creation of a work for the 5th year students of the Duncan Center Konservator.

WDB 5 - Tokyo-Japan / dec 2017, with Continuum workshops, creation of works for students of the K-Grace studio, the re-creation and presentation of the duet Insisitimos with Kazuko Miyai and master classes in the City of Takasaki.

WDB 6 - Prague-Czech Republic / feb-may 2018, with regular classes as part of the faculty of the Duncan Center Konservator, Continuum workshops at HAMU and ARCHA, improvisations and research process for "Unexpected happening" with Inga Zotova Mikshina, Roman Zotov-Mikshin and Anezka Stráníková.  Research for the creation of "Escape to the void"  

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REgla de tr3s was created by Cibele Maia (Brasil) & Omar Carrum (México)  during a residency in La Futileria (Casa Corto) in Bogotá, Colombia. Trough the research and exchange of different languages, contexts and cultural information a scenic experience was built. In this composition game a simple and complex configuration is established, where the interferences of the artist permeate the scenes in a continuous but unexpected way.

Based on the questions between the Hegelian dialectic about the search for truth and the opposite view of Kant on the logic of appearances, it uses the  interfered body state as the guiding thread of the whole process and complexity of human relationships. Insistence, persistence and resistance opened the door for the scenic improvisation and its multiple posibilites within a cinematographic frame. This allows the spontaneity of the stage act and an active audience whose importance is fundamental for the present moment that is being established in the work.



Corpo Gourmet (Cuarto para las 8:00)  es un espectáculo creado en 2015 por Omar Carrum con al compañía DELFOS Danza contemporánea de México  y en 2016 con la compañía Camaleão de Brasil. 

Inspirado en el evento “Teatro para impuntuales”  presentado en la Casa del Teatro de Bogota Colombia, se concibe como una experiencia, artistica social y culinaria donde en 8 espacios/cuartos diferentes de algún edificio, Casa, bar o restaurante de la ciudad, suceden 8 escenas de 8 minutos, cada una de ellas va acompañada por una degustación culinaria realizada por algún Chef de la localidad especialmente creada para cada escena. 


Corpo Gourmet es un proyecto que fomenta la colaboración en RED ya que involucra a alrededor de  80 personas de la comunidad artística y culinaria de la ciudad, las escenas son creadas por Omar Carrum en colaboración con 2 coreógrafos locales, con 35 bailarines/Actores en escena, 8 personajes guías, 1 presentador, 1 Chef, cocineros, meseros y personal técnico. El resultado es una gran experiencia que fortalece e integra la actividad cultural, social y culinaria tanto para los asistentes como para todos los artistas y personas involucradas.