Corpo Gourmet is a work created in 2015 by Omar Carrum with the company DELFOS Danza contemporánea from México and in 2016 with the company Camaleão from Brazil.


Inspired by the event "Teatro para impuntuales" presented at the Casa del Teatro in Bogota Colombia, it is conceived as a social, culinary and artistic experience, where in 8 different spaces / rooms of a building, House, bar or restaurant in the city, 8 scenes of 8 minutes will happen and will be accompanied by a culinary tasting made by a local chef specially created for each scene.


Corpo Gourmet is a project that promotes the collaboration in NET since it involves around 80 people from the artistic and culinary community of the city, the scenes are created by Omar Carrum in collaboration with 2 local choreographers, with 35 dancers / Actors on stage , 8  guides, 1 host, 1 Chef, waiters and technical personnel. The result is a great experience that strengthens and integrates the cultural, social and culinary activity both for the attendees and for all the artists and people involved.