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REgla de tr3s was created by Cibele Maia (Brazil) & Omar Carrum (México)  during the 1st WORLDrobed residency in La Futileria (Casa Corto) in Bogotá, Colombia. Trough the research and exchange of different languages, contexts and cultural information a scenic experience was built. In this composition game a simple and complex configuration is established, where the interferences of the artist permeate the scenes in a continuous but unexpected way.

Based on the questions between the Hegelian dialectic about the search for truth and the opposite view of Kant on the logic of appearances, it uses the  interfered body state as the guiding thread of the whole process and complexity of human relationships. Insistence, persistence and resistance opened the door for the scenic improvisation and its multiple posibilites within a cinematographic frame. This allows the spontaneity of the stage act and an active audience whose importance is fundamental for the present moment that is being established in the work.