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Upcoming workshops



prague-czech rep.
May 12 -13 / 2018

Intensive 2 day, 10 hrs workshop at Archa

Continuum & ESCript impro.  

jun 4-15 / 2018

2 weeks workshop at SaltDanceFest in UTAH.


Jun 25-29 / 2018

1 week workshop at CMA & MICA



  WORLDROBED is a project originally conceived by Cibele Maia (Brazil) and Omar Carrum (Mexico) that promotes the creation and connection of networks for interdisciplinary collaboration. These connections are made from 3 axes of action, the first is the SOCIAL axis through establishing a network of collaboration between individuals for the exchange of ideas and questions with a common goal, the second is the EDUCATIONAL  axis through a series of pedagogical strategies teaching training workshops, master classes, collaborative work with teachers and schools to exercise and permeate education at different levels and the third axis is the ARTISTIC through generating proposals and scenic events that integrate the community. 



ESCorporart is the meeting of the artists Omar Carrum (Mexico) and Vladimir Rodríguez (Colombia) around pedagogy, creation, research and training for Contemporary Dance and Theater. It is a space that aims to create bridges of communication between these two artists and people interested in the processes they lead together and independently.



Based on continuous mechanics and kinematic principles, CONTINUUM is a training system that aims for the continuity of the kinetic chains of movement, its path, and a very specific and uncommon way to use momentum, impulse, space, motion script and physical principles.

The system aims for the continuity of movement trajectories and a sustained muscular and skeletal consciousness in order to learn how we can transfer, gather and spread our weight anywhere in our body, how the mechanics of each muscle and bone work, and how all our body parts can cooperate to move more efficiently, safely and smoothly.


Upcoming residencies


prague-czech rep.
feb-may 2018

Regular classes atl Duncan Center Koservator, master classes in Emotion Studio & HAMU, Creation of the duet uTER-O, research for the project unEXPected happenings, Creation of the solo  ESCape to the Void

jul 2018

Creation and presentation of 2 works for the advanced groups of  K-Grace Ballet Studio, presentation of the duet We Insist wth the dancer Kazuko Miyai

panama / panama
sep 2018

Creation of Corpo Gourmet for 35 local artist, organized by international Festival PRISMA


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