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Piso Móvil (Mobile floor training)

This system is based on the horizontal surface of the floor as a formal reference (of weight and displacement in space) of the movement processes and body alignment. Through the contact with the floor the executer develops a support relationship as well as an effective handling in relation to the “exits and entrances" to the floor (fall and recovery).
 Consequently, the executer works directly on the relation of the body weight with its osseous and muscular mechanics. Its builds around the body of each executer a source of tools such as speed, reflexes, chain of movement, awareness of the trajectory of movement, the gear system the body applies and exercises with another body and space. It elaborates the choreographic composition from the different planes and trajectories of various movements as well as the dynamic events during the execution.

ESCript of the improvised movement

To dig deeply into dynamic concepts during the execution allows the interpreter the development of the tools of communication with the observer. There is no right or wrong way to communicate. It is about the sophistication of the channels that simplify or require such communication by studying body states, th dynamics, the designs and effects in space as the principles of movement writing. That is why when we speak of movement we refer to the variety of its forms (mechanical, gestural, sound) and the possible ways of its specialisation.

Exploring or visiting some body states, developing their gestural reaches and their sonorous natures, will allow us to construct a "corpus" with which to confront the complexity of what is communicated. This “corpus” the one that a acts as a filter through which our ideas are materialised and distort to give them new reaches and reflections.

The workshop is developed though dynamic improvised exercises about continuity, explosiveness, resonance, change of speed, drawing, musicality, in search of a theatricality.