(ESCript Improvisation and partnering)The workshop aims to expand the possibilities of improvised language development.  To dig deeply into dynamic concepts during the execution allows the interpreter the development of the tools of communication with the observer. We will work on the sophistication of the channels that simplify or require such communication by studying body states, dynamics, biomechanics, emotions, sensations, images and partnering. That is why when we speak of movement we refer to the variety of its forms (mechanical, gestural, sound) and the possible ways of its specialization. Under the premises of uncertainty, instinctive impulse, repetition, and exhaustive exploration, tools will be given to expand the possibilities of the improvised movement. The participants will learn the importance of beginning, ending, limits, transitions and constructions of micro-scenes. Exploring different body states and developing their mechanical, gestural and sonorous  reaches and natures, will allow us to construct a "corpus" that will act as a filter through which our ideas are materialized and distort to confront the complexity of what is being communicated. The workshop is developed though dynamic improvised exercises about continuity, explosiveness, resonance, change of speed, drawing, musicality, in search of a theatricality.With very simple limits and rules, the participants will develop their hearing sense to make decisions that contribute to the actions of the moment. The workshop implies constant analysis on the practice that inevitable will deepen on knowledge and skills for improvisation and instant composition.