ESCrito Absurdo

ESCrito Absurdo is the result of a series of residences that Vladimir Rodriguez (Cortocinesis-Colombia) and Omar Carrum (Delfos-Mexico), had to investigate around the scene, interpretation, improvisation, gesture and Body states. With over 45 presentations since its inception, it has been presented in multiples Festivals of Dance and Theatre in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and France. 


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ESCrito absurdo is a scenic improvisation show with a defined and absurd structure where Vladimir Rodriguez and Omar Carrum trace the scene and use the tools they have gathered through previous experiences and detonate them by the primary impulse generated by their instinct. The show tests the eloquence and expressiveness of movement, gesture and language, and raises a question about the implied dramatic state and the transformation process of the interpreter as the simultaneous creator that builds the communication with the audience