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Based on continuous mechanics and kinematic principles, CONTINUUM is a training system that aims for the continuity of the kinetic chains of movement, its path, and a very specific and uncommon way to use momentum, impulse, space, motion script and physical principles. The class pursue the knowledge of our relationship with the floor and gravity and uses the body as a whole continuous mass instead of segmented parts where movement takes place from the study of weight placement, speed control, space density, planes, continuous movement and circular trajectories.  The use of hands, feet, elbows and head will be strengthened as substantial points for pivot, leverage, support and anchorage. We will aim for continuity and a sustained muscular and skeletal consciousness in order to learn how we can transfer, gather and spread our weight anywhere in our body, how the mechanics of each muscle and bone work, and how all our body parts can cooperate to move more efficiently, safely and smoothly.  Dancers will develop a new understanding of their bodies by exploring the principles of physics: inertia, centrifugal and centripetal energy, expansion, suspension, strength and resistance, all of which will sustain and generate new skills and abilities for moving, sliding, turning, jumping and falling.