Vladimir, Omar & Edwin premiered the 1st chapter of La Ruta, about the history, racking and criticism of masculinities in an attempt to decipher their own intimacy in complicity with the audience. 

These three chapters are thoughts and staging on the history, racking and criticism of masculinities, where we try to develop a theatrical idea of movement that contributes to perceive the whys of some behaviors of the past society in which our parents grew up, in which we grew up and in the hypothetical where our children will grow.

THE ROUTE is a visit to the intimacy of three men who try to decipher each other in complicity with the viewer. "

1. house keys

Tribe - family - Grandfather / Father / son (mass hereditary meat - patriarchy)

2. the suitcase

Individual - flight - Soledad Migrante (three single / two people are part of the scenery and composition and help him to do the solo to the third)

3. the desbarrancadero

Society - integration (return to the mass - lost in the community - worldly)