Edwin Vargas

He has a BFA in Physical Education from the UDEC / Colombia. Since 2004, he has worked as a dancer and choreographer for the company CORTOCINESIS, with which he has obtained several artistic and national awards and recognitions. He is co-founder of La Futileria space in Bogota (independent space for the performing arts of the company CORTOCINESIS). He is part of the group of researchers of the training systems “PISO MOVIL” (Mobile Floor) and the developer of “ARQUITECTURA MOVIL” (Mobile Architecture), giving technical workshops of contemporary dance inside and outside the country. Since 2012 he has worked as a choreographer for the dance company Orkéseos with which he develops a stage proposal based on traditional Colombian dance. In the area of training, since 2009 he has worked at the Francisco José de Caldas District University and at the ASAB School of Arts (Bogotá / Colombia), as a technical area teacher for professional dancers of contemporary dance. In 2017 he directed the mobile floor and mobile architecture workshops in Mexico and was the general assistant of Vladimir Rodríguez in the creation of the piece "Jauría" for CEPRODAC.